Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Michaelmas Term 2009 Programme

Michaelmas Term 2009 Programme

Hawkins Room, Fellows' Quad, staircase 3
Merton College

Friday 30 October (3rd week), 2pm
Professor David Amigoni (Keele): ‘Charles Darwin’s centenary and the politics and poetics of parenting: inheritance, variation, and the aesthetic legacy of Samuel Butler’

Friday 27 November (7th week), 2pm
Dr John Holmes (Reading): ‘Darwinism in Victorian Poetry’

* * *

ALSO OF INTEREST: The Drama in Performance seminar, Wednesday 11 November (5th week), 5.15pm, Shackleton Room, Brasenose College: Craig Baxter (playwright), 'Verbatim, Gravity, Evolution, and God: Dramatizing Newton and Darwin in their own words'